Burn Permit Information

Permits are free and required only during fire season (typically May 10th - October 20) as determined by state and local fire agencies. To obtain a permit please visit the Idaho Department of Lands website or call


Types of Fires Requiring Permits:

Under Idaho law, permits are required for all fires (excluding campfires) for any burning outside city limits

Campfire Restrictions:

Campfires are restricted based on current fire conditions. Type 1 or  Type 2 restrictions may be in effect during very high to extreme fire danger as determined by state and local agencies

Prohibited Materials:

Fires are restricted to natural wood/brush only. Construction materials and non-wood-based items are prohibited.

Campfire Safety:

Please be responsible for your campfire. Fires should never be left unattended and make sure to drown the fire with water, stir remains, add more water and dirt, and stir again. If it’s cool enough to touch, it’s cool enough to leave.