What to do if a fire starts

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Know how to operate an extinguisher safely
  • GET OUT STAY OUT – Remember to get out of the house and DO NOT reenter the house for any reason. 
  • MAKE NOISE – Yelling “fire!” can alert building occupants that may be unaware a fire has started. If you are in a building with multiple stories make sure to use the stairs NOT the elevator. Do not attempt to save personal items, every second counts when making an exit from a burning building.
  • CHECK FOR HEAT -Check door handles and surfaces for heat, do not attempt to open a warm door. 
  • MAKE YOUR ESCAPE – If you encounter smoke stay low to floor or crawl to stay under the smoke. Make sure to close doors behind you to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • SHELTER IN PLACE – If heat and /or smoke prevents all exits stay in the room and close the door. Call 911 and give them your location in the building. Use a wet towel if possible to cover the bottom of the door to prevent smoke from entering the room. Open a window and use a bright t-shirt or flashlight at night to alert  emergency personnel of your location.
  • GO TO YOUR MEETING PLACE – Once you make it outside the building go to your planned meeting place and call 911 immediately. 

What to do if your clothes catch on fire:

  • STOP – Stop what you are doing
  • DROP – drop on the ground and try to cover your face
  • ROLL – Roll over until the flames have been extinguished. Do not try to run as this will only make the fire worse 
  • CALL FOR HELP – Call for medical assistance immediately. Minor burns may be cooled with cool water.